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Thank you to all of the students who entered Alberta Champions’ contest. The third Field of Fame was unveiled in October at the Hyatt Regency.


Check out the photos of the event.


The student contest winners are:

First Prize:

Helena Cherniak Kennedy first place essay about Nellie McClung-CLICK to view PDF of essay

Helena Cherniak Kennedy, Grade 7, Webber Academy, “A Pattern of Life One Block at a Time” – about Nellie McClung.Prize: trip for two to Ottawa and a certificate of recognition of your achievement.

Second Prize:

Nicole Raposo second place essay about Mary Dover-CLICK to view PDF of essay

Nicole Raposo, Grade 7, Senator Patrick Burns School, “Making a Difference One Step at a Time” about Mary Dover.
Prize: $300 certificate to the Apple Store and a certificate of recognition of your achievement.

Third Prize:

Adam Gee third place essay about Father Lacombe - CLICK to view PDF of essay

Adam Gee, Grade 7, Webber Academy, “The Man With the Good Heart” about Father Lacombe.
Prize: $100 certificate to Best Buy and a certificate of recognition of your achievement.

Class Prize:

Teacher Alice Choo video about Frederick C Mannix - CLICK to view video Grade 8 Class, Teacher Alice Choo, Senator Patrick Burns School, Frederick C. Mannix (YouTube video).

Prize: A Pizza Party for the class, A digital camera for the class to use on future projects.

No winners were chosen for the high school contest.

Alberta & Calgary Historical Figures

These individuals that were important to Calgary & Alberta history were featured in the 2012 student essay & multimedia project contest:

We received many entries for each of these figures, though not all were necessarily featured among the winners’ projects.

We feature figures that were important to business history, political history, early settlement and exploration, community development, the First Nations, and to women in Calgary, as well as to the growth of Alberta as a province contributing significantly to Canada as a country.

See Field of Fame #3  for more information about theses Alberta Champions.

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