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Contest Entry Form

For 2022, this contest is open to all Alberta Students between grades 4 and 9.

Complete this form, and upload your story, essay, poem ONLY in a Word format. Submit your video by uploading to YouTube and submitting a link to the video.
Print this form and have the student's parent sign it. Take a photo of the signed document and upload with this form or email it to Alberta Champions (by replying to an entry confirmation email and attaching the image file).

Items marked * are mandatory fields, and items marked ** are collected for aggregate statistical purposes only.

This form can only be used to updated/modify entries already submitted PRIOR TO APRIL 11th (like, for missing permission/consent forms). Any new entries submitted after the Entry Deadline using this form ARE VOID and will not be considered by the judges.

The Student

The Contest Entry

This entry can be an essay, story, poem, video or artwork with accompanying script.

upload your Google Doc or Microsoft Word processor document. The file is checked for valid file extension (Mac Word users, add .doc to end of file name)

Maximum upload size: 15MB
Upload only a Google Doc or a Word document

The Teacher and School

Contest Submission with Parent / Guardian Signature

We require a Parent's or Legal Guardian's Signature (2 options):

Please print this form, have a parent/guardian sign below, take a digital photo or scan it (JPG/GIF/PNG/PDF) and attach it to the form here:

TO PRINT: Depending on the web browser, you can use Print from the File menu (Mozilla, IE), or right-click and select Print... from

the context sensitive pop-up menu (Chrome, Edge). Some browsers also a have a menu on the far-right end of your toolbar, designated by or by which would have a Print option.

OR if the parent or legal guardian can't sign now, you may submit the form without their signature, and then follow the instructions in the confirmation email to submit the parent/guardian signature

The Student & Parent/Guardian

of the student entering/signing form

(name of parent/legal guardian)
For good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, authorize Alberta Champions Society (and its committees and affiliates) to publish, display and showcase the contest entry and the name and school of the above named student in any manner in print, voice or visual media, including as an insert in the Calgary Herald. Alberta Champions Society, its committees, affiliates, administrators and volunteers and their respective families are hereby released of any and all claims for damages of any kind whatsoever or any other claim based on the above use.

(Signature of parent/legal guardian)

of the parent signing the permission form

*Maximum size for images is 1.5 MB, other files 7.5 MB
(Please be patient, click only once)

Maximum upload size: 268.44MB

Submit Contest Entries (Snail Mail)

If you cannot use electronic means to send us the essay and/or signed Permission, just print, add signatures, and mail the document(s) postmarked any time up to APRIL 11, 2022 to:

Alberta Champions Contest Entry
Suite 600-5920 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0K2
If you require further information regarding your entry, please contact

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