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Please review contest rules before submitting your Entry. If your entry has elements missing (like signed permission slips) please email the documents to [email protected], with the name of the student and the name of their school (Or REPLY to the confirmation email sent to any of the emails entered into the form below).

FOR THE STUDENT: Check the essay for the following: the FONT is Times Roman 12 point, the file FORMAT is Word (not PDF), the LENGTH is is up to 1000 words for Grades 4 to 6 and up to 1500 for Grades 7 to 9,  the CONTENT  not only discusses the champion but also how they influenced you to “be a champion”,  nowhere includes your name, and have run a SPELL-CHECK and grammar-check on it.

FOR THE PARENT: When you complete the form (next page), please (1) PRINT the Entry Form, (2) SIGN the printed form, and (3) take a PHOTO of the signed form using your phone or a digital camera, and (4) either ATTACH the image file to the form or REPLY to the Entry Confirmation e-mail you will (or would have) received*, and (5) ATTACH the photo image file to the email.

* The parent, teacher, student, and school would have each received an Entry Confirmation e-mail for each e-mail address that was provided!


Contest Entry Form

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The Essay or Story Contest Entry

The Teacher

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The Student & Parent/Guardian

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Contest Submission with Parent / Guardian Signature

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OR if the parent or legal guardian can't sign now, submit the form below and then follow the instructions in the confirmation email to submit the parent/guardian signature

Signature of Student

of the student entering/signing form

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For good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, authorize Alberta Champions Society (and its committees and affiliates) to publish, display and showcase the contest entry and the name and school of the above named student in any manner in print, voice or visual media, including as an insert in the Calgary Herald. Alberta Champions Society, its committees, affiliates, administrators and volunteers and their respective families are hereby released of any and all claims for damages of any kind whatsoever or any other claim based on the above use.

(Signature of parent/legal guardian)

of the parent signing the permission form

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Submit Contest Entries (Snail Mail)

If you cannot use electronic means to send us the essay and/or signed Permission, just print, add signatures, and mail the document(s) postmarked any time up to APRIL 22, 2021 to:

Alberta Champions Contest Entry
Suite 600-5920 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0K2
If you require further information regarding your entry, please contact [email protected]