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The third Field of Fame was originally installed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, but is currently being re-located. Watch here for updates.

Field of Fame #3 honours these champions

Mary Dover (1905 To 1994)

Mary Dover (1905 to 1994)

Mary Dover was a dynamic and distinguished Calgarian, particularly known for her work with the military during World War II. Born the same day Alberta joined Confederation in 1905, Mary…

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Bob Edwards (1860 To 1922)

Bob Edwards (1860 to 1922)

Robert Chambers Edwards was born on February 17, 1861 into a family of privilege in Scotland but was orphaned as a youth. He was raised by two aunts, and although…

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Father Albert Lacombe, OMI (1827 To 1916)

Father Albert Lacombe, OMI (1827 to 1916)

Father Albert Lacombe was a very dedicated missionary with a great sense of adventure who brought the Christian message to Western Canada for over 65 years. Albert Lacombe was born…

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The Honourable Ernest C. Manning (1908 To 1996)

The Honourable Ernest C. Manning (1908 to 1996)

Ernest Charles Manning, PC, COC, AOE, was the eighth Premier of Alberta. A co-founder of the province's Social Credit party, he served between 1943 and 1968, longer than any premier…

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Frederick C Mannix (1913 To 1995)

Frederick C Mannix (1913 to 1995)

Frederick Charles Mannix was born on October 21, 1913 in Edmonton, Alberta. His father was a construction pioneer from Manitoba who moved his contracting business to Edmonton in 1905 to…

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Nellie McClung (1873 To 1951)

Nellie McClung (1873 to 1951)

Nellie McClung is one of the most famous women's rights activists in Canadian history. Known for her dynamic and engaging public speeches and numerous books, she disarmed most audiences with…

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