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Virnetta Anderson

Virnetta Anderson (1920-2006)

Field of Fame #7, Public Service, Women

Virnetta was born Virnetta Nelson in Monticello, Arkansas in 1920. Her schooling was in Arkansas and California. Virnetta was a woman of action - known for committing time and providing…

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The Right Honourable Richard Bedford (R.B.) Bennett

The Right Honourable Richard Bedford (R.B.) Bennett (1870-1925)

Field of Fame #1, Public Service

Drive and determination are just two of the words used to describe the first Canadian Prime Minister from Alberta. At a young age, Bennett created lofty goals for himself: to…

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David E Black photo

David (Dave) E. Black (1880 -1972)

Business, Field of Fame #6, Public Service

David (Dave) Ernest Black was born in 1880 in Westport, Ontario, where he attended school and subsequently studied watch making. He moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1903, on board the…

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Narcisse Blood “Tatsikiistamik”

Narcisse Blood “Tatsikiistamik” (1954-2015)

Arts, Field of Fame #7, First Nations

(to be recognized collaboratively with Michael Green) Narcisse Blood (Tatsikiistamik) was a Blackfoot/Niitsitapi Traditional Spiritual Elder who was passionate about preserving and sharing traditional Blackfoot spiritual ways and cultural heritage.…

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Senator Pat Burns

Senator Patrick Burns (1856-1937)

Business, Field of Fame #1, Public Service

Patrick Burns was born in Oshawa, Ontario as the fourth of eleven children, where he grew up with little education in humble conditions. Pat Burns headed out west with his…

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Wilf Carter photo-Glenbow Archives

Wilf Carter (1904-1996)

Arts, Field of Fame #5

Wilfred Arthur Charles "Wilf" Carter was born in Port Hilford, Nova Scotia in 1904, one of nine children. After seeing a traveling show named "The Yodelling Fool" as a youth,…

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Dr Clara Christie photo -adjusted

Dr. Clara Christie Might (1895 to 1987)

Field of Fame #5, Women

Clara Christie was born in Winchester, Ontario, in 1895 and her family moved to Calgary in 1903. After a four month course at Calgary Normal School at age 20, Clara…

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Martha Cohen photo

Martha Cohen (1920-2015)

Arts, Field of Fame #6, Women

“Martha Cohen, a warm Chinook wind who blazed bright crimson smiles across the clear Alberta Sky.” Martha Cohen was a tireless builder in Calgary’s cultural community. Born in Calgary, the…

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Chief Crowchild photo

Chief David Crowchild (1899-1982)

Field of Fame #1, First Nations

David Crowchild was born to Mark Crowchild and Sarah Big Plume on the Tsuut'ina Reserve, where he had a significant influence. He loved horses, and in his younger years, he…

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Chief Crowfoot photo

Chief Crowfoot (1830 to 1890)

Field of Fame #4, First Nations

Crowfoot was a chief of theSiksika First Nation. His parents, Istowun-eh'pata (Packs a Knife) and Axkahp-say-pi (Attacked Towards Home), were Kainai. He was only five when his father was killed…

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Gwen DAVIES 1941-2020

Field of Fame #8, Sport, Women

Growing up in the small-town of Faulconbridge, New South Wales, just west of Sydney, Australia, Gwen Davies would spend many of her early childhood days in and out of hospital…

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Haider Dhanani photo

Haider Dhanani (1939-1990)

Business, Field of Fame #6

  Haider Dhanani lived a life of service.  With a profound dedication to bridging cultural differences and to the well-being, settlement and upward mobility of newly arrived immigrants to Canada,…

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Mary Dover photo

Mary Dover (1905 to 1994)

Field of Fame #3, Public Service, Women

Mary Dover was a dynamic and distinguished Calgarian, particularly known for her work with the military during World War II. Born the same day Alberta joined Confederation in 1905, Mary…

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Bob Edwards Photo

Bob Edwards (1860 to 1922)

Business, Field of Fame #3

Robert Chambers Edwards was born on February 17, 1861 into a family of privilege in Scotland but was orphaned as a youth. He was raised by two aunts, and although…

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Annie Gale

Annie Rolinson Gale (1876 to 1970)

Field of Fame #2, Women

Annie Gale was a British immigrant to Calgary in the early twentieth century who dove straight into community politics in order to make her city a better place to live,…

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Ruth Gorman photo

Ruth Gorman (1914-2002)

Field of Fame #6, Public Service, Women

Ruth Gorman was born in Calgary, Alberta on February  14, 1914 to Colonel Mark Bennett and Fleda Pattyson Peacock.  Ruth, like her father became a lawyer, and was one of…

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Michael Green photo

Michael Green “Pona Kotaksi/Elk Shadow” (1957-2015)

Arts, Field of Fame #7

(to be recognized collaboratively with Narcisse Blood)   Michael Green was the Co-Artistic Director and a founding member of Calgary’s One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre and the Creator/Curator of the High Performance Rodeo. …

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Eric Lafferty Harvie Photo

Eric Lafferty Harvie (1892 to 1975)

Business, Field of Fame #1

Eric Lafferty Harvie was born in Orillia, Ontario, but moved to Alberta as a youth. He was called to Alberta's legal bar in 1915. His legal career was interrupted when…

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The Honourable Harry Hays photo

The Honourable Harry Hays (1909 to 1982)

Field of Fame #5, Public Service

Born near Carstairs, Alberta, Harry was one of 8 children. With his brothers Tom and Jack he carried on his father's work with purebred Holsteins. Better quality and more milk…

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Harley Hotchkiss photo

Harley Hotchkiss, CC, AOE (1927 to 2011)

Business, Field of Fame #5

Harley Hotchkiss was born in Tillsonburg, Ontario in 1927. A graduate of Michigan State University in 1951 and a geologist by trade, Hotchkiss moved to Calgary in 1951. He married…

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William Roper Hull photo

William Roper Hull (1856 to 1925)

Business, Field of Fame #4

William Roper Hull was born in England. He grew up in Dorset, but after his mother died, he moved to Canada in 1873 (at 17 years old) with his brother…

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Alice Jane Jukes Jamieson photo

Alice Jane Jukes Jamieson (1860 to 1949)

Field of Fame #1, Public Service, Women

Alice Jamieson was born on July 14, 1860 in New York City to James Jukes and Isabel Duxbury, who were both born in England, and emigrated to the United States…

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Dr. Denis Kadatz

Dr. Dennis KADATZ – 1938-2019

Field of Fame #8, Sport

Dennis Kadatz was born to second- generation homesteaders in the Ellerslie area of South Edmonton, AB. He grew up as a farm kid, learning to drive a tractor and riding…

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Sydney Kahanoff photo

Sydney Kahanoff (1922 to 1980)

Business, Field of Fame #4, Public Service

Sydney Kahanoff was born in Manitoba in 1922 and grew up in Saskatchewan. After graduating from high school in 1939, he joined the RCAF serving in the Aleutian Islands for…

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Frank King with Olympic torch

Frank KING, P. Eng., OC, LL.D. (Hon) 1936 – 2018

Business, Field of Fame #8, Sport

Frank King was born in Redcliff, Alberta in 1936. He graduated from the University of Alberta in Chemical Engineering and spent most of his life living in Calgary where he was a…

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Norman Kwong - as Lieutenant Governor

Norman (Normie) KWONG (Kwong Lim Yew), CM, AOE 1929-2016

Field of Fame #8, Public Service, Sport

Norman L. Kwong was a former professional football player, sport executive, commercial real estate executive and entrepreneurial businessman. He was a first-generation Chinese-Canadian, grew up in Calgary and graduated from…

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Father Lacombe

Father Albert Lacombe, OMI (1827 to 1916)

Early Explorers/Settlers, Field of Fame #3

Father Albert Lacombe was a very dedicated missionary with a great sense of adventure who brought the Christian message to Western Canada for over 65 years. Albert Lacombe was born…

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Sam Livingston photo-Glenbow Archives

Sam Livingston (1831 to 1897)

Business, Early Explorers/Settlers, Field of Fame #5

Samuel Henry Harkwood Livingston was born in Ireland in 1831. As a young man he came to seek his fortune in America. After trying his luck at prospecting during the…

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The Honourable Peter Lougheed-photo

The Honourable E. Peter Lougheed (1928 to 2012)

Field of Fame #4, Public Service

Edgar Peter Lougheed was born on July 26, 1928, at Calgary, Alberta, grandson of Alberta pioneer Sir James A. Lougheed. He was educated in Calgary public and secondary schools before…

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Senator Sir James Alexander Lougheed (Library and Archives Canada)

Senator Sir James Alexander Lougheed (1854 to 1925)

Field of Fame #2, Public Service

James Lougheed was born in Brampton, Ontario to Irish Protestant parents. He grew up there, and went to school at the University of Toronto, obtaining a law degree in 1881.…

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The Honourable Grant MacEwan, OC, AOE (by Jim Palmer, Library & Archives Canada)

The Honourable Grant MacEwan, OC, AOE (1902 to 2000)

Arts, Field of Fame #2, Public Service

  John Walter Grant MacEwan was born in Brandon, Manitoba, where he lived until he was thirteen when he moved with his family to a farm near Melfort, Saskatchewan. There,…

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Colonel James F Macleod

James F. Macleod (1836 to 1894)

Early Explorers/Settlers, Field of Fame #1

James Macleod was born in Scotland, and emigrated to Canada in 1845. He received his BA from Queen's in Ontario, and he began to practice law. However, his passion was…

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Roddy Mah photo

Roderick (Roddy) Mah (1929-2007)

Business, Field of Fame #7

At a very young age, Roderick was sent to China to learn the Chinese language and culture. Unable to return to Canada because of World War II, he spent his…

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The Honourable Ernest C. Manning photo

The Honourable Ernest C. Manning (1908 to 1996)

Field of Fame #3, Public Service

Ernest Charles Manning, PC, COC, AOE, was the eighth Premier of Alberta. A co-founder of the province's Social Credit party, he served between 1943 and 1968, longer than any premier…

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Frederick C Mannix photo

Frederick C Mannix (1913 to 1995)

Business, Field of Fame #3

Frederick Charles Mannix was born on October 21, 1913 in Edmonton, Alberta. His father was a construction pioneer from Manitoba who moved his contracting business to Edmonton in 1905 to…

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Charles ("Chuck") Mawer photo

Charles (Chuck) Mawer (1917-2006)

Business, Field of Fame #7

 Charles (Chuck) Mawer was born in 1917 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and grew up with his 3 siblings in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary. In 1936 Chuck started his business career as…

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John Robert (Bud) McCaig photo

John Robert (Bud) McCaig (1929-2005)

Business, Field of Fame #6

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, friend, entrepreneur and philanthropist, J.R. (Bud) McCaig, died peacefully while at his vacation home in Barbados on Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at the age of 75…

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Nellie McClung photo

Nellie McClung (1873 to 1951)

Field of Fame #3, Public Service, Women

Nellie McClung is one of the most famous women's rights activists in Canadian history. Known for her dynamic and engaging public speeches and numerous books, she disarmed most audiences with…

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Bessie (Betty) Mitchell (1896 to 1976)

Arts, Field of Fame #4, Women

Bessie (Betty) Mitchell was born in Ohio, USA, in 1896, moving to Alberta with her family in 1912. She completed high school by correspondence, attended the Normal School in Calgary…

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Doug Mitchell

Doug MITCHELL, CM AOE 1939-2022

Field of Fame #8, Sport

Doug was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in the city’s Crescent Heights neighbourhood. After high school, he attended Colorado College on a hockey scholarship and completed a Bachelor of…

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WO Mitchell photo

W.O. Mitchell (1914 to 1998)

Arts, Field of Fame #2

W.O., the only Canadian writer known by his initials alone, was one of Canada's best loved story tellers. Who Has Seen the Wind has become the classic Canadian prairie novel…

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Bob Niven photo

Bob NIVEN 1942 -2023

Business, Field of Fame #8, Sport

Bob was born in England to Andrea and WC (DFC) Robert H. Niven. His father, a Canadian pilot serving with the RAF, was killed in action three months before Bob…

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Peter Anthony Prince photo

Peter Anthony Prince (1836-1925)

Business, Early Explorers/Settlers, Field of Fame #7

Peter Anthony Prince was born June 29, 1836 to an English speaking family, near Trois-Rivières Quebec. He was educated near Lindsay Ontario, and built his own hotel and lumber mill…

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Maude Riley photo

Maude Riley (1882 to 1962)

Field of Fame #2, Public Service, Women

Maude (Keen) Riley grew up in Perth County, Ontario and became a teacher through the Ontario Normal School. Upon gaining her certification, she accepted a position to teach at Nose…

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Art Smith

Arthur Ryan Smith (1919 to 2008)

Business, Field of Fame #2, Public Service

Arthur Smith, O.C., A.O.E, D.F.C, Order of Merit (Hungary), LLD (Hon.) was born and raised in Calgary, and moved to Turner Valley when he was sixteen to work in the…

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Joan Snyder

Joan Colleen SNYDER, CM, LL.D., 1932-2022

Field of Fame #8, Public Service, Sport

(Photos Courtesy of University of Calgary) Joan Snyder was born in Eatonia, Saskatchewan, on February 20, 1932, to parents Calvin Snyder and Phoebe Wilson Snyder. Joan’s father endured hard times…

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Ronald D. Southern

Ronald D. Southern (1930 – 2016)

Business, Field of Fame #6

Ronald Donald Southern C.C., C.B.E., A.O.E., B. Sc., LL. D was born on July 25, 1930 in Calgary, Alberta. He was a proud Canadian who loved his Alberta roots. A…

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Chief Walking Buffalo photo

Chief Walking Buffalo (1871 to 1967)

Field of Fame #5, First Nations

"To the missionary who adopted him, he was George McLean; in Stoney language, he was known as Tatanga Mani; to the world he was Walking Buffalo." (Whyte Museum Blogspot 2011)…

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Henry Wise Wood photo

Henry Wise Wood (1860 to 1941)

Field of Fame #4, Public Service

Henry Wise Wood was born in Missouri in 1860 and in 1905 like many Americans moved to Alberta because of the availability of cheap land in Canada. He bought a wheat…

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Gus Yaki photo by Dan Arndt-1

Gus Yaki (1932-2020)

Field of Fame #7, Public Service

Gus Yaki, the renowned Calgary birder and naturalist, passed away in August 2020. Gus was an avid birder as a young man and he continued his self-education as a naturalist.…

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