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Everybody's Talking... about our 14th Alberta-wide Student Contest

Bringing History To Life In The Classroom: Multimedia Contest

Alberta Champions has been offering Student Contests since 2010 to promote greater awareness of important Albertans and their roles in building our community.

Students grades 4-9 write about great Albertans, catch the inspiration, start to emulate the champions, begin their community involvement, learn good citizenship, and can WIN GREAT PRIZES!

The contest is open to students from all schools in Alberta, from Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-9.

CONTEST DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES IS APRIL 21st (Extended from April 4th, 2023).


2023 Student Contest Wide-extended deadline
2023 Student Contest Wide-extended deadline

Resource Materials

Following are some resources to assist with successful participation in the contest:

Here are the Alberta Curriculum Connections:

This Research Planning Guide  helps students plan and manage their research.

Here is a Bibliography Template to organize the end of student submissions.

Planning Your Project for Students Grades 4 to 6 (with Resources and Timeline), by Sheryl Fernando.

Resources for Teachers for Planning the Project Including Timeline, by Jennifer Perry.

Entry Submission File Formats, by Mark Ruthenberg

When students create multi-media entries, it is still important to cover the requirements of confirming the impact of the champion as well as how they inspired the student. Here are two examples from Grade 4 students who created this type of entry as well as the response of the judges.

Examples for the Nellie McClung Explanation, above:

Nellie McClung Illustration Example thumbnail
Nellie McClung Illustration Example thumbnail

My Nellie McClung Explanation

Nellie McClung Illustration Example two thumbnail
Nellie McClung Illustration Example two thumbnail

My Nellie McClung Explanation 2

With thanks to the following for their input on these resources:

Amber Araki
, teacher, Junior High, Calgary Board of Education, Sheryl Fernando, Consultant, Junior High Social Studies, Calgary Catholic School District, Michele Jones, Executive Director, Alberta Student Assessment Consortium, Rob Lennard, The History Wrangler, Meagan Lundgren, Assistant Principal, Altadore School, Calgary Board of Education, Jennifer Perry, Consultant, Elementary Social Studies, Calgary Catholic School District

IDEAS: Integrating into your curriculum

  • Individual projects by entire class, to encourage research into Alberta history and historical figures
  • Individual projects by entire class, to encourage creative writing about historical figures and their impact on the  community
  • Enrichment projects, to encourage meaningful individual research and work, and develop citizenship and community connections

Over 60 LOCAL champions to choose from! OR, choose your own champion (posthumous). Help your students celebrate our Alberta heritage.

More Great Ideas and Motivators

How to Write a History Based Song in 4 Easy Steps

(remember that your song must be accompanied by the required script as per the sample above)

Message from The History Wrangler

“Good luck to those students who choose to create a history based song for the 2023 Alberta Champions contest! Also, I hope you find my video on how to write a history based song in 4 easy steps helpful and I look forward to recording the winning song in a professional recording studio!”

Rob Lennard

The History Wrangler

Ms Laura Mulvey, teacher at St. Isidore School in the Calgary Catholic School District, has been entering students in the Alberta Champions Story/Essay Contest for six years. In 2021, she had TWO WINNERS in the Essay Contest!!

Attention Teachers, Grades 4 to 9:

This contest will connect with your learning outcomes. Do you want to

  • Bring Alberta history to life in your classroom?
  • Encourage your students to advance their writing skills and write creatively?
  • Help students to discover the impact one individual can have on the community?
  • Develop your students’ citizenship skills as they link diverse individuals in history with their present lives?
  • Win a certificate to purchase materials for your classroom?

Teachers: This is why we do it!

This is why we do it! A teacher’s perspective…

Ms. Amber Araki, a teacher at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School in Calgary, Alberta has been entering students in the Alberta Champions Story/Essay Contest for five years.

In 2022, she had TWO WINNERS in the Essay Contest!!

Entries and WINNERS  from many different schools

We have had past student entries AND WINNERS from a variety of schools in across Alberta (though mostly Calgary and Southern Alberta in our earlier contests) including:

  • Catholic schools
  • Public schools
  • Home schooled students
  • Private schools

Again, for 2023, students from across the province are all welcome to enter. and we’ll work with teachers to facilitate integration with the curriculum.


Thank you so much for running such an awesome contest.  I will continue to work with my students on it again next year.”  Teacher M.L. from CBE

“This contest taught me a lot about an incredible woman I should have known about earlier, so I hope you can keep on hosting this contest in the future to teach other students about great role models here in our city and province.” Past student winner

Write about  these Alberta Champions:

These individuals, important to Alberta history,  can be selected as subjects for the 2023 student entries for the Grades 4-6 or the Grades 7-9 contests.

You can choose from this list OR you may write about any Albertan of your choice (posthumous). Here are links to more articles about these Champions in the The Canadian Encyclopedia:

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