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The fifth Field of Fame will be at Heritage Park, 1900 Heritage Dr SW, at the north end of the parking promenade. There is no admission charge for the field of fame.

The Champions being honoured at Heritage Park include:

Harry Hays (photo Glenbow Archives)

The Honourable Harry Hays (1909 to 1982)

Born near Carstairs, Alberta, Harry was one of 8 children. With his brothers Tom and Jack he carried on his father's work with purebred Holsteins. Better quality and more milk…

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Chief Walking Buffalo

Chief Walking Buffalo (1871 to 1967)

"To the missionary who adopted him, he was George McLean; in Stoney language, he was known as Tatanga Mani; to the world he was Walking Buffalo." (Whyte Museum Blogspot 2011)…

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Clara Christie Might

Dr. Clara Christie Might (1895 to 1987)

Clara Christie was born in Winchester, Ontario, in 1895 and her family moved to Calgary in 1903. After a four month course at Calgary Normal School at age 20, Clara…

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Sam Livingston (photo-Glenbow Archives)

Sam Livingston (1831 to 1897)

Samuel Henry Harkwood Livingston was born in Ireland in 1831. As a young man he came to seek his fortune in America. After trying his luck at prospecting during the…

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Harley Hotchkiss

Harley Hotchkiss, CC, AOE (1927 to 2011)

Harley Hotchkiss was born in Tillsonburg, Ontario in 1927. A graduate of Michigan State University in 1951 and a geologist by trade, Hotchkiss moved to Calgary in 1951. He married…

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Wilf Carter

Wilf Carter (1904-1996)

Wilfred Arthur Charles "Wilf" Carter was born in Port Hilford, Nova Scotia in 1904, one of nine children. After seeing a traveling show named "The Yodelling Fool" as a youth,…

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Image Gallery from Field of Fame #5

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