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2023 Student Contest Wide-extended deadline

The 2023 Student Contest Poster is now available! Click on the Image below to view & download the printable PDF file

Win Great Prizes!

This Contest is Alberta-Wide!

Our 14th annual contest connects Alberta students with important Alberta pioneers, founders, builders, innovators and Indigenous leaders; and inspires them to emulate these “champions”.

The contest aligns with the curriculum for English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies

Students grades 4-9 create a multimedia entry about great Albertans, catch the inspiration, start to emulate the champions, begin their community involvement, learn good citizenship, and can WIN GREAT PRIZES!

The contest is open to students from all schools in Alberta, from Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-9 (see rules and judging rubrics, below).

This year, Grades 4 to 6 as well as Grades 7 to 9 may submit their choice of a story, essay, poetry, video, artwork, or other media which includes accompanying script.

Win Great Prizes!

Contest prizes for student winners (and their teachers will be announced on January 16th!

Grades 7-9 Contest

First Prize:  $500 VISA gift card and a certificate of recognition of your achievement
Second Prize: $350 VISA gift card and a certificate of recognition of your achievement
Third Prize:  $200 VISA gift card and a certificate of recognition of your achievement

Grades 4-6 Contest

First Prize: $300 VISA gift card and a certificate of recognition of your achievement
Second Prize: $200 VISA gift card and a certificate of recognition of your achievement
Third Prize: $100 VISA gift card and a certificate of recognition of your achievement

**** All students who enter will receive a certificate to add to their portfolio of accomplishments.

Prize for Teachers

$200 gift card from Chapters for the teacher of each winning student



Rules and Judging Rubrics are being finalized. They will be posted here by January 16th, 2023.

Grades 7 to 9

Grades 4 to 6

Write about  these Alberta Champions:

These individuals, important to Alberta history,  can be selected as subjects for the 2023 student entries for the Grades 4-6 or the Grades 7-9 contests.

You can choose from this list OR you may write about any Albertan of your choice (posthumous). If you don’t find their biography on Alberta Champions website you can Google them or try Canadian Encyclopedia. Search | The Canadian Encyclopedia


Virnetta Anderson
Violet Archer
Thelma Chalifoux
Martha Cohen
Gwen Davies
Mary Dover
Henrietta Edwards
Annie Gayle
Ruth Gorman
Alice Jamieson
Violet King
Nellie McClung
Louise McKinney
Dr. Clara Christie Might
Betty Mitchell
Emily Murphy
Irene Parlby
Maude Riley
Vicky Whalen


Narcisse Blood
George Brertton
Harold Cardinal
Thelma Chalifoux
Chief David Crowchild
Gordon Crowchild
Chief Crowfoot
Sykes Powderface
Charles (Checker)Tomkins-(Cree Code Talker)
Chief Walking Buffalo

Other Outstanding Albertans

RB Bennett
David Black
Senator Patrick Burns
Wilf Carter
Dr. Karl Clark
Laurence Decore
Haider Dhanani
Bob Edwards
Michael Green
Eric Harvie
Harry Hays
Harley Hotchkiss
William Roper Hull

Getting Ready to Submit Your Entry

Check these and further details before submitting your entry on the Contest Entry button below.

FOR THE STUDENT: Check the entry for the following:

(1) the FONT is Times Roman 12 point,
(2) th
e file FORMAT is Word (not PDF or Google doc), Google doc should be saved as a Word doc and have the file name end in “.doc”
(3) the LENGTH of the text section of the entry is up to 1000 words for Grades 4-6, the LENGTH is up to 1500 words for Grades 7-9,
(4) Other media: If your entry is a piece of art, include a photo of the art plus accompanying text. For videos (no longer than 5 minutes)  provide the link to the video on the entry form.
(5) the CONTENT not only discusses the champion but also how they influenced you to “be a champion”,
nowhere include your name (it should only be in the entry FORM) , and
(7) finally: run a SPELL-CHECK and grammar-check on your submission.

FOR THE TEACHER: When you complete the form (next page), please

(1) PRINT the Entry Form,
(2) Have the parent SIGN the printed forms  and
(3) take a PHOTO of the signed form using your phone or a digital camera, and
(4) either (A) ATTACH the image file to the form OR(B)  REPLY to the Entry Confirmation e-mail you will (or would have) received* and ATTACH the photo image file to the email.

* The parent, teacher, student, and school would each receive an Entry Confirmation e-mail sent to each e-mail address provided!

Teachers: This is why we do it!

This is why we do it! A teacher’s perspective…

Ms. Amber Araki, a teacher at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School in Calgary, Alberta has been entering students in the Alberta Champions Story/Essay Contest for five years.

This year she has TWO WINNERS in the Essay Contest!!

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