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About Alberta Champions Society

Alberta Champions Society in Recognition of Community Enrichment was formed to commemorate, recognize and honour those Albertans that have made a significant contribution to the community in the city of Calgary and around Alberta. This will be achieved by creating “Fields of Fame” around the city as tributes to men and women of the past who contributed to the Alberta of today.

This recognition would serve two purposes:

  1. Preserving Alberta’s history and honouring the individuals who made strong contributions to it.
  2. Inspiring current citizens to achieve greater goals.

Our Student Contest 

Alberta Champions has been offering Student Contests since 2010 to promote greater awareness of important Albertans and their roles in building our community.

Our 14th annual contest connects Alberta students with important Alberta pioneers, founders, builders, innovators and Indigenous leaders; and inspires them to emulate these “champions”.

Students from across Alberta can enter in two divisions:, Grades 4 to 6 as well as Grades 7 to 9 who may submit their choice of a story, essay, poetry, video, artwork, or other media which includes accompanying script.

Students grades 4-9 write about great Albertans, catch the inspiration, start to emulate the champions, begin their community involvement, learn good citizenship, and can WIN GREAT PRIZES!

In the past 14 years Alberta Champions has awarded over $30,000 in cash prizes to students. This is a win-win. Students can not only learn about outstanding Albertans in our history and build their citizenship skills but are also motivated by the possibility of winning significant prizes.

About our 2024 Student Contest

PLEASE NOTE: The 2023 contest (and all the current information) was run & judged in the Spring of 2023. The 2024 Student Contest details will start being announced in December 2023. and be rolled-out in January 2024. Subscribe for  latest email updates, OR follow us on our Facebook page.

The contest aligns with  the curriculum for English Language Arts (ELA) and  Social Studies

Please forward to Curriculum Coordinators for Social Studies and ELA in grades 4 to 9 across the province.

2023 Student Contest poster-CLICK to view PDF
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