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The contest closed on Monday April 22nd, 2024

We thank all the students and teacher who have participated in this years’ Student Contest.

If you need to submit supplemental information to make your before-the-deadline entry complete, please contact Pat Christie at for instructions.

Getting Ready to Submit Your Entry

Check these and further details before submitting your entry on the Contest Entry button below.

FOR THE STUDENT: Check the entry for the following:

(1) the FONT is Times Roman 12 point,
(2) th
e file FORMAT is Word (not PDF or Google doc), Google doc should be saved as a Word doc and have the file name end in “.doc”
(3) the LENGTH of the text section of the entry is up to 1000 words for Grades 4-6, the LENGTH is up to 1500 words for Grades 7-9,
(4) Other media: If your entry is a piece of art, include a photo of the art plus accompanying text. For videos (no longer than 5 minutes)  provide the link to the video on the entry form.
(5) the CONTENT not only discusses the champion but also how they influenced you to “be a champion”,
nowhere include your name (it should only be in the entry FORM) , and
(7) finally: run a SPELL-CHECK and grammar-check on your submission.

FOR THE TEACHER: When you complete the form (next page), please

(1) PRINT the Entry Form,
(2) Have the parent SIGN the printed forms  and
(3) take a PHOTO of the signed form using your phone or a digital camera, and
(4) either (A) ATTACH the image file to the form OR(B)  REPLY to the Entry Confirmation e-mail you will (or would have) received* and ATTACH the photo image file to the email.

* The parent, teacher, student, and school would each receive an Entry Confirmation e-mail sent to each e-mail address provided!

This form is currently closed for submissions.

Next Step: You Will Receive a “Confirmation of Entry” Email

Every person who’s email is provided in this form will receive a Confirmation of Entry Email. You may reply to that and submit additional details or files.

When you receive the Entry Confirmation Email, if the email shows, for submitted files (for Essay/Story or the Permission Form): “File Upload You do not have permission to do that“, this confirms a problem with the file you were trying to upload.

If this is the case, please submit the files by attaching them in a REPLY TO  the Entry Confirmation Email, and we will add them to the entry on our end.

Submit Contest Entries (Snail Mail)

If you cannot use electronic means to send us the essay and/or signed Permission, just print, add signatures, and mail the document(s) postmarked any time up to APRIL 22nd, 2024 to:

Alberta Champions Contest Entry
Suite 600-5920 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0K2
If you require further information regarding your entry, please contact

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