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We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the amazing generosity of our supporters.


We could not do it without you.

Spruce Meadows Sponsor Plaque
Spruce Meadows Sponsor Plaque

Our Supporters for Field of Fame SEVEN:

Patron $40,000+

Eva and Gordy Hoffman, Michael and Stephanie Dorchik, Hoffman Dorchik

Caitlin, J.J., Leefy, Leyla and Kai Hoffman, Dr. Tiffany Hoffman, Michael Goldrosen and Caleb Goldrosen, Lonnie Dorchik, Arielle, Shane, Ryann and Colby Sadinsky

Mawer Investment Management Limited

The Mawer Family and Friends

Benefactor $25,000

The Brawn Family Foundation

Builder $10,000

Kingswood Cabinets

Lillian Lie Wah Mah and Family

MQR Precast

Alex Osten and Buddy Victor

Guardian $5,000

Ian Beddis

Fouad, Asma, Maisoon and Maisa El Kardy

Mancal Corporation

Ann McCaig

Craig Senyk

The Cal Wenzel Family Foundation

Historian $2,500

Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens Association

Edco Financial Holdings Ltd.

James Hall

Making Treaty 7

Matco Investments Ltd.

One Yellow Rabbit

Margaret Rabe

The Calgary Chinatown Development Foundation-Bowside Manor

Renae and Mike Tims

WU YI Association of Calgary

Sponsor $1.000

The Anderson Family

Patsy Anderson

Clive and Ruth Beddoe

Chinatown Business Improvement Area

Susan Church

Gerald Cooper-Key

Bob, John and Jim Dinning

Margaret and Tom Green

Dick and Lois Haskayne

Hoy Sun Association of Calgary

Lee Association of Calgary

Mah Society of Calgary

Jack Mintz

Rob Mitchell

Jeff Parry

Sien Lok Society of Calgary

United Calgary Chinese Association

Sharon Watkins

Supporter to $1,000

Gary Aikenhead

Keith Aikenhead

Marjie and Steve Allan

Victoria Barlow

Catherine Bell

Maxine Clark

Peter Dominic

Ian Douglas

Don Ferris and Jeanne Keith-Ferris

Arlyn Greig

Rob Jennings

Pam and Ken Johnston

Dr. William Long

Donald Vance MacKenzie

Don MacKimmee

Adam Mawer

Jon Mawer

Martha Mawer

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Valerie Nielsen

Morag Northey

Stephanie and Robert Paris

Sharon Reed

Mollie Royds

Tim Royds

Jilla and Steve Schwarz

Shon Yee Benevolent

Association of Canada-Calgary Branch

Judy Williams

Brawn Family Foundation
One Yellow Rabbit
Making Treaty 7 logo

Our Supporters for Field of Fame SIX:

Platinum $100,000

Dhanani Family

Pillar $50,000

Hoffman Dorchik

The McCaig Family


Patron  $40,000

Calgary Flames Foundation

JR Shaw

Benefactor $25,000

Coril Holdings Ltd.

Don and Eleanor Seaman


Builder $10,000

Ron and Myrna Ghitter

Bennett Jones LLP

Canadian Pacific

Jayman Built

Alvin and Mona Libin Foundation

Dick & Lois Haskayne

William and Toshimi Sembo


Guardian $5,000

Akita Drilling

Rebecca Block Fund-Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary

The Lougheed Family

Gendis Inc.

Calgary Foundation

James A. Riley

John C. Anderson

Mike and Sue Rose

W. Brett Wilson


Harold P. Milavsky Family Fund

Tony and Kathleen Vanden Brink

Terry and Ann Sparks

The Wells Family

Tim and Cindy Down

Aurora Construction

Historian $2,500

West Canadian Digital Imaging Inc.

Oxford Properties

Lenny and Hilda Smith
Schachar Family Legacy Fund
Waste Management of Canada Corporation
Xerox Canada Ltd.

Douglas and Shirley Campbell

In Honour of David Halpern

Anna Iacono

Dr. Daniel and Kamiel Schwartz

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Franklin Bailey


Sponsor $1,000

Joe Struck and Bev Longstaff

Linda Gorman

Edward Malaysa

Lorne & Beth Price

Terry and Sharon Owen


Supporter to $1,000


Dr. Brian Bessler

Phyllis Rubin

Andrew and Ursula Zaleski


Bennett Jones
Canadian Pacific Railways
Flames Foundation
Coril Logo

Our Supporters for Field of Fame FIVE :


Calgary Flames Foundation

Hoffman Dorchik LLP; Eva, Gordy and JJ Hoffman;

Tiffany and Michael Goldrosen


Brawn Family Foundation

Coril Holdings Ltd.

The Hays Family

Hotchkiss Family Foundation

NHL Foundation


R and G Church

Tim and Cindy Down

Kelly and Norman Green

Dick and Lois Haskayne

Rebecca Hotchkiss

James and Brenda Mackie

Dr. Adam and Debbie Moscovitch

Chito Pabustan

Riddell Family Foundation

Eleanor and Wayne Chiu


Alvin Libin


Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer

N. Murray Edwards

Maisoon and Maisa

El Kardy, Fouad El Kardy, Selma Amery

M. Ann McCaig

Darryl Sutter


Ian and Robin Beddis

Brian and Stephanie Felesky

Jeff and Marilyn McCaig

Brian and Anne O’Leary

William G. Turnbull

John and Mary Wilmot


Ashid Bahl, For the Love of Children

Elaine Bebensee

Guy Blasetti and Family
Joseph De Angelis

L.W. (Lou) MacEachern

Edward G. McMullan

Marilyn Milavsky

Owen Hart Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Lorne Price (Beth)

Don and Doreen Warren

Donald Watson and Donna Gardin

Bud Watson



Natt Christie Family

Robert J. Fleming

Jack and Mary Jean Freebury

Brenda and Brian Johnson

Jamie Macoun

Dr. T. Muhammed

Our Supporters for Field of Fame Four:



Hoffman Dorchik

Hull Services

Kahanoff Foundation

Kern Partners

MEG Energy

Art, Aline

Smolensky, Mrs. Pat Smolensky, Mr. and Mrs. L. Kahanoff


RBC Foundation

Connie and Joe Ostermann


Bennett Jones

Dick and Lois Haskayne

The Lougheed Family

Ronald P. Mathison


Estate of Harold Milavsky



Theatre Calgary

The Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary

Glenda, Dave and Stephen Chetner

Norman and Kathy Schachar


Brian and Stephanie Felesky

Alvin & Mona Libin Foundation

The Halpern Family

Hub Gray

Our Supporters for All Past Fields of Fame


Hoffman Dorchik

Tim and Cindy Down

The Cal Wenzel Family Foundation

Strategic Group

George (Gojko) and Ana Trutina

Shugarman Architecture


Ranchman’s Hospitality Group Inc.- Harris L. Dvorkin and Kevin R. Baker, Q.C. CPR

Milavsky Foundation

G. Ben Docktor and Family

Community Spirit Program, Alberta Culture



The Calgary Foundation

Peter Lougheed family

Don Lougheed family


ARC Energy Trust


The Jeff Sander Family

Steve Dimant

Martin and Ellie Singer

Boardwalk Charitable Trust

Bennett Jones LLP

Barclay Street Real Estate

ARC Financial Corp

Alan and Stephen Singer

Clayton and Linda Woitas

Judy Sproule, Anne McKenzie

Dick & Lois Haskayne

Bentall Kennedy

Prime Funds


David and Frances Dover

Lauchlan and Karen Currie


Gibbs Gage


Colliers International

David Halpern and Family

Alex A. Osten

Alberta Heritage

SNC Lavalin

BJ Seaman

Unicom Graphics


Dick and Lois Haskayne

Ian and Laurie Currie

Vicon Homes- Connie and Jimmy Blindkilde

Betty Ann Smith

Brian & Anne O’Leary

Alvin Libin

Palmer Foundation

Canada Safeway Limited

Joanne Watt

Ro Riley


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