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Field of Fame #1: Jamieson Place

The first Field of Fame is located at Jamieson Place, Plus 15 level of 308 – 4th Avenue SW (4th Ave & 2nd St SW).


Jamieson Place honours these champions

James F. Macleod (1836 To 1894)

James F. Macleod (1836 to 1894)

James Macleod was born in Scotland, and emigrated to Canada in 1845. He received his BA from Queen's in Ontario, and he began to practice law. However, his passion was…

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Alice Jane Jukes Jamieson (1860 To 1949)

Alice Jane Jukes Jamieson (1860 to 1949)

Alice Jamieson was born on July 14, 1860 in New York City to James Jukes and Isabel Duxbury, who were both born in England, and emigrated to the United States…

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Eric Lafferty Harvie (1892 To 1975)

Eric Lafferty Harvie (1892 to 1975)

Eric Lafferty Harvie was born in Orillia, Ontario, but moved to Alberta as a youth. He was called to Alberta's legal bar in 1915. His legal career was interrupted when…

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Chief David Crowchild (1899-1982)

Chief David Crowchild (1899-1982)

David Crowchild was born to Mark Crowchild and Sarah Big Plume on the Tsuut'ina Reserve, where he had a significant influence. He loved horses, and in his younger years, he…

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Senator Patrick Burns (1956-1937)

Senator Patrick Burns (1956-1937)

Patrick Burns was born in Oshawa, Ontario as the fourth of eleven children, where he grew up with little education in humble conditions. Pat Burns headed out west with his…

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The Right Honourable Richard Bedford (R.B.) Bennett (1870-1925)

The Right Honourable Richard Bedford (R.B.) Bennett (1870-1925)

Drive and determination are just two of the words used to describe the first Canadian Prime Minister from Alberta. At a young age, Bennett created lofty goals for himself: to…

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Jamieson Place Photos
Here are some photos from the Field of Fame  unveiling at Jamieson Place  and the celebration of student contest winners.

Alberta & Calgary Historical Figures
These individuals that were important to Calgary & Alberta history were featured in the 2015 student essay & multimedia project contest:

Alice Jamieson
David Crowchild
Eric Harvie
Patrick Burns
R.B. Bennett
James Macleod
We received many entries for each of these figures, though not all were necessarily featured among the winners’ projects.

We feature figures that were important to business history, political history, early settlement and exploration, community development, the First Nations, and to women in Calgary, as well as to the growth of Alberta as a province contributing significantly to Canada as a country.

See Field of Fame #1 for more information about theses Alberta Champions.