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Here are the premiers of Alberta over the years:

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Term of officePolitical party
1Sir Frederick W. A. G. Haultain
1897- 1905
(Premier of the North-West Territories)
1Alexander Cameron Rutherford
1905-1910Liberal Party
2Arthur Sifton
1910-1917Liberal Party
3Charles Stewart
1917-1921Liberal Party
4Herbert Greenfield
1921- 1925United Farmers
5John Edward Brownlee
1925-1934United Farmers
6Richard Gavin Reid
1934-1935United Farmers
7William Aberhart
31935- 1943Social Credit Party
8Ernest Manning
1943-1968Social Credit Party
9Harry Strom
1968- 1971Social Credit Party
10Peter Lougheed
1971-1985Progressive Conservative Association
11Don Getty
1985-1992Progressive Conservative Association
12Ralph Klein
1992- 2006Progressive Conservative Association
13Ed Stelmach
(b. 1951)
2006- 2011Progressive Conservative Association
14Alison Redford
(b. 1965)
2011- 2014Progressive Conservative Association
15Dave Hancock
(b. 1955)
2014-2014Progressive Conservative Association
16Jim Prentice
2014 2015Progressive Conservative Association
17Rachel Notley
(b. 1964)
2015- presentNew Democratic Party