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2024 Student Contest Poster Wide

2024 Student Contest launches Monday January 15th

The 2024 Alberta-wide Student Contest will be launching on Monday, January 15th, and students can begin submitting their Entries after 8 am on that date. The entry deadline is  April 22nd, 2024.

We have expanded our list of Champions to include more invidividuals from around the Alberta, who helped make this province what it is today. Students can write about any of these Champions, or select anyone that they believe is worthy of that recognition (must be posthumous) and how they have influenced  and INSPIRED YOU to pursue leadership, citizenship, to strive for excellence, to volunteer and/or work to “be a champion” at home, school, or in your community, both now and in the future.

The Rules and Rubrics have been updated for the 2024 Contest, and can be viewed and downloaded from the  Student Contest Page.  You can view winning entries from prior years to see the “bsest of the best”, an get ideas for formats and writing styles. We also have Tips and Contest Resources to help students and teachers.

The 2024 Student Contest Poster is now available! Click on the Image above to view & download the printable PDF file

Watch for updates on our social media and on our Student Contest Page

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